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A game for learning about algorithms and thinking about algorithmic transparency.


A puzzle game for teaching programming concepts to novices.

(Mis)guide to Alpine Plants

An educational locative game for the Montreal Botanical Garden.

Kale In Dinoland

A satirical retro game for iOS. Featured by Apple as New and Noteworthy.


Close-listening poetry game featuring recordings from SpokenWeb archive. Nominated in SGDC @ CHI PLAY 2014.

Time Trials

A narrative-heavy gardening game about plant hunting, colonialism, terraforming, and the first children born on Mars.

Stairwell Soundwalk

Listen to paintings. Augmented reality app and platform work.

Household Series

A candle, a wind chime, a pot of boiling water.

Draw Your Own

Sketch-based level creation software for iPad. Sketch levels and collision for top-down maps.


Reconstruct audio snippets in iOS. Features a custom 3D rigid body physics engine. Presented at GRAND 2013.

Invariant Metaphors for Tangible Ecologies

Composing collections of tangible user interfaces (TUIs).

Poster Design

Posters for Mia Consalvo and the Technoculture, Art and Games Lab.

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