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Notate is an input technique utilizing handwritten character recognition to encapsulate and refer to regions of a drawing. Currently I am working on the off-line sketch interpreter.


The idea is to convert an annotated line sketch into a parseable JSON representation, which can be read into various domains. The sketch above has been (roughly) converted and parsed as a 2D level in a simple Zelda-like game. ‘Doors’, which teleport the player between rooms, are labelled with an uppercase character. Doors with the same characters are paired; a player walks through one and exits from the other (this is represented as doors of the same color in the image). For this domain, 2D level creation, I may explore beautifying the shape of each level into a textured game level, albeit keeping the sketch-like imprecision of the contour.

Other domains I want to explore include rudimentary 3D modeling, live projection onto a blackboard, and an interactive drawing tool on a Microsoft Surface tablet.

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